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Your home is the cornerstone of your life. It is the environment where your family will prosper and the tranquil space where your creativity may flourish. Creative Touches views your home as the blank canvas on which your life's story will unfold. We create modern, stylish living atmospheres that are cozy and livable. We work with only the best products, supplied by world-renowned suppliers such as CemCrete, Saint-Gobain and Suntups to name a few. We use custom, cutting-edge application techniques to transform your home's walls, floors and exteriors into a unique work of art.


Step into the home of your dreams. Your journey starts here.


Crete Creations

When applied correctly, cement can be used to create extremely durable yet elegant floors. We offer a diverse array of beautiful finishes that complement your home's features perfectly. We are proud to be a Preferred Applicator of the CemCrete and Saint-Gobain product ranges.

Wooden Creations

With a massive selection of exclusive solid wood, engineered floor and laminate floor products, we create superior quality finishes that not only look beautiful, but add value to your property for years to come. By using the Elastelone Installation System we ensure that every floor is perfect, first time.


Sandstone Creations

By using a selection of the best quality sandstone tiles and different techniques, we create striking facades and wall faces that become a beautiful focal point in any room.

Crete Creations

We offer a myriad of textures and colours with our cement applications. From rustic, rough grains to smooth and cloudy textures - if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Painting Creations

Our custom paint and texture techniques transform any wall into a masterpiece. Any of our specialized paint techniques, from marble paint, wash techniques and staining, to our exclusive ThunderCloud suede application, will expose the full potential of your room's ambience.

Water Features

Few things relax you more than the sound of running water in a peaceful part of your home. We combine the best techniques and finishes to create some of the most beautiful and original water features, ponds and small dams, for true tranquility in your home or garden.


You are unique - and so should your home be! We love taking on challenges and we'll gladly assist you in realizing your dreams. Our involvement in creative projects - from turning wine cellars into company boardrooms to designing and building massive front-office reception desks - is the spark behind our innovative Bespoke Division. We relish the chance to offer a creative solution with spectacular results. An integral part of any well-designed interior space is the attention to detail. Consequently we offer a special service that focuses on adding those perfect final touches, including: | Cornices and Skirting | Dado rails | Wallpaper | Tiling and Laminate Flooring | Paving | Plastering | Rhinolite

Sleeper Creations

The raw, sturdy appearance of sleeper wood creates a beautiful contrast in the modern South African home. We create unique, eye-catching features that blend in perfectly with the earthy tones of our finishes. From tables to custom light fixtures, if you can dream it, we can create it.

Custom Creations

It's the little things that set your home apart from the rest. Let us assist you in designing the perfect environment to complement your unique style.

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